Tencent TGP-BOX

Tencent TGP-BOX
  • Research
  • Strategy
  • Industrial design
  • Production support
  • Branding

The Tencent TGP-BOX (Tencent Game Platform) was designed to bring the worlds largest game catalogue into the living room.

The TGP-BOX is the result of a partnership between Haier, Intel and Tencent who teamed up to create a console which would compete with Microsoft and Sony in the living room console market.

Memory was briefed to deliver a masculine design which would stand out as a pure game machine among other living room PC solutions. The console was launched at Intels keynote event at CES 2016.

This TGP-BOX is a first in class, local steam-box solution designed to set the tone for the local console market.