Saent Box

Saent Box
  • Strategy
  • Industrial design
  • Manufacture

An analog solution to a digital problem.

Place The Box over your phone and get back to what’s essential. No more phubbing (when someone looks at their phone instead of you). No more mindless scrolling when you’re supposed to be working. The clear monolithic form can hold three phones to work in a team or family setting.

The Saent box challenges the traditional globalized manufacturing model by using in-market-specific materials and production partners.

Local woods are sourced and milled by a selected partner, within the specific market. This approach eliminates all international shipping associated with the product. (International shipping is responsible for 18% of some air pollutants.)

This box is machined on a standard two-axis mill from a solid block of pine in East Tamaki, before being hand-finished and shipped to a local customer. While in Canada our Quebec manufacturer sources Douglas Fir for production, before finishing and distributing the product.

The simple design enables us to use easily accessible local materials and processes while giving each product its own local provenance. The approach limits the environmental impact while distributing returns into local industries.