Pictor Brand

Pictor Brand

Pictor is a leading New Zealand medical diagnostics company who export globally. Their product can test multiple diseases, using a single drop of blood, making it a cost-effective solution for developing countries.

Like many of New Zealand’s science and tech companies. The brand had fallen behind and did not express the quality of its product, or position within the market.

We set out to develop a robust brand that would communicate their product attributes of efficiency, simplicity and accuracy. Empowering Pictor to declare itself a world leader in miniaturized, multiplexed ELISA diagnostics.


Research into the product, process and market uncovered many design opportunities. The name “Pic-tor” references the graphic nature of the technology which uses a camera to record the test information. Color is a key element, as well as a cultural element in India (a key market) The multiplexing process of “one drop-in, multiple results out’ was a core proposition we would develop and communicate.


The ’P’ circle Icon references the “well”, a call-back to the original Pictor logo. It is a core component of the testing equipment sold by Pictor. We abstracted these forms, blending elements into a strong icon that could work across hardware and software.

Color gradients are used to differentiate the main product series, with a vibrancy unique to the pharma industry. “Pharma blue” is the constant, with the use of other colors to represent unique attributes: Green, Pictmager & Red Pictarray.

ITC Avant Garde Gothic Book and Bold bring a clean modernist feel to the type-based logos. The bold rounds work well with the letterforms of PICTOR and subsequent product names.


The refresh had an immediate impact on the Pictor team’s perception of their company and purpose. Investment documents were re-packaged into a cohesive proposition, resulting in a new round of growth funding to develop new products and technology. Pictor has since set out to develop a new flagship product where we will apply their new identity to hardware, for a cohesive experience across product and communication.