O2O2 Facewear

O2O2 Facewear

90% of Masks/Respirators fail seal tests. Additionally, they are an inhuman design, hiding the mouth and inhibiting communication while being uncomfortable.

Our mission was to design a mask that could produce 240L of clean air per minute, which is peak inhalation for a marathon runner.


The key insight driving the O2O2 solution is that a pocket of pressurized clean air is superior to a seal.

The O2O2 design uses axial fans to pull air through nanofiber filters, pushing the clean air forward to form a clean pressurized pocket of air in front of the face.

Our mission was to design and engineer a product to be produced in low volumes that would validate the technical solution while solving key issues around ergonomics and manufacturing.

Our working approach was to bridge the innovation and insight of the New Zealand founding team with the speed and hardware expertise of Beijing-based design and engineering.

By developing the product within its intended market, we were able to quickly validate our aesthetic and engineering solutions with real users, feeding this input back into our development cycle.

We worked in weekly sprints, applying a build>test>refresh approach. This allowed us to quickly validate a form factor that offered maximum performance, while also balancing the manufacturing restraints of the applied technology.


The O2O2 Facewear product is a world first. The patented solution provides up to 50x better air quality than competing products.

The product’s hero element is the medical grade polycarbonate “Airshield”. It is designed to flow as much air as possible while keeping facial distortion to a minimum.

The rear pods support the proprietary nanofiber filters; serviceable items which are easily replaced – the pods are covered in a fabric-protection for a more human feel. The shield, axial fans and filters work together to successfully deliver over 240L of clean air per minute.

The wearable attachments are modular, with either low impact neck-pads and/or a headband which provides additional stability during aerobic conditions.

Being able to monitor respiration rates and volumes is the first step to holistic, non-invasive consumer wellness. This product will be the first consumer wearable able to monitor the four human vital signs.

Independent AUT testing on real users confirms the Positive Air technology provides many times better protection and performance than competitor “solutions”.