Adrealm Brand System

Adrealm Brand System
  • Research
  • Logo & VI
  • Brand guidelines
  • Web UI / UX

Adrealm is an advertising attribution platform built using blockchain technology.

Adrealm works as a platform where other attribution products can be built, the aim is to free the advertising industry from click-fraud – a multibillion-dollar industry problem.


Develop a language, not a logo.

We developed a brief alongside the client that realized the need for a language that could scale across multiple products, creating alignment in quality and character.

1. A design that could support multiple products (and brands).
2. Focus on the decentralized “transparent” nature of the product.
3. A system that is dynamic, easy to use and understand.


The Adrealm logo forms the foundation on which the other brands are built.

The Grid:

We set out to design a scalable solution that could support satellite products. Our concept focused on a grid, in reference to the “blocks” on which the technology is built. Other products can be assembled on this grid, where each can communicate their unique character and feature set while following the guiding principles of the system.


We chose the typeface Simplon Norm as our family typeface, a modern technical typeface, with slight serif details to soften the technical nature of the product. In support is Simplon Mono, a monospaced serif font that references the language of code and brings a technical feel to the details.

As easy as ABC…One of the exciting ideas with this identity system is the creation of an Adrealm OTF font, the abstracted alphabet being a fun way to create unique assets while ensuring all is on-brand.