O2O2 NYC FW '19

O2O2 NYC FW '19

O2O2 Bring their Airware solution to New York Fashion Week.

Throughout history, problems have always created a need for innovative design solutions, which enables human ingenuity to shine. As optimists we believe in a better tomorrow, so rather than focus on doom and gloom of the issues society faces, we wanted to highlight the innovation that is enabling people to live better lives.

Case in point? O2O2’s futuristic facewear which provides clean air to its wearer. This stylish fashion-forward accessory provides clean air without the tight seal around the face that masks have traditionally been associated with.

Having recently partnered with futuristic South Korean fashion brand IISE for the label’s New York Fashion and Seoul Fashion Week catwalk shows, Memory caught up with O2O2’s CEO Dan Bowden

How does the design of this product set it apart from other face masks?

For O2O2, masks and respirators are a flawed technology. We don’t accept why those seeking protection should have to make a choice between smiling at their child and protection; why those seeking respiratory protection should be effectively be suffocated by wearing a mask; why there needs to be a choice between looking good and respiratory protection and why those at risk of poor-quality air should have to rely on effectively repurposed 50-year-old technology.

For both parties, it was important to collaborate on real future technology, not merely a prop for a fashion show. For us, this was about providing the public with a small glimpse for into a much wider range of solutions which enable people better air for life.”